ck one Women’s Microfiber Bikini

June 16, 2013 - Comment

Sleek, modern silhouette that matches back to bra.

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Sleek, modern silhouette that matches back to bra.


Travis says:

Lovely panties from CK again I’m a guy and these fit great and the microfiber has enough room and stretch to keep everything from falling out. Great buy, great colors, great craftsmanship, and very sexy to wear. Can’t go wrong with CK panties and clothing.

Pinja says:

Very Comfortable Comfort: 4 out of 5. “The Panties are very comfortable when wearing jeans. They fit perfect and sit just right without any play, so you don’t won’t ride when wearing jeans. However, if you wear something loose the panties tend to ride. However when they ride, they are not uncomfortable to the point you have to constantly pick at them.”Fabric : 5 our of 5. “The fabric is very light and when wearing them, it almost feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Especially when wearing…

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